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Don't Dig It...Split It!!!

P.W. Trenchless offers pipebursting, sliplining and directional drilling, giving you an alternative to open cutting through sensitive areas.

P.W. Trenchless Construction allows you keep trees,

retaining walls, patios, and in some cases entire

buildings untouched.

Even though it has only been in existence since January 2000, P.W. Trenchless Construction Inc. has one of the most experienced trenchless resumes in the province of British Columbia, because of it's personnel.

Current Projects

Ministry of Highways Culvert relining                        City of Richmond Box Culvert relining                      City of Surrey 6" Sewer replacement                     City of New Westminster Sewer replacement

PW Trenchless Construction LTD. is featured in Canadian Underground Infrastructure magazine
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Trenchless Construction

We were...the first to perform microtunnelling in B.C. in 1996, on Clark Drive in Vancouver...

the first to install an extensive sanitary sewer system, 4500m by directional drilling at flat grades in Queensborough from 1994 to 1999 for the City of New Westminster...

the first to install a large diameter sewer (36" diameter) in Surrey, also on a flat grade in 1999 for the METRO Vancouver.



We have been pipe bursting since 1996, completing our first work for the City of New Westminster. We have completed contracts for the many other cities see list below.

PW Trenchless Ltd.: Practicing Innovative Trenchless Construction


PW Trenchless was founded in Jam 2000 and continues to grow to be a leader in Trenchless Construction in British Columbia. Trenchless Construction is a term used to describe various methods used to install new or replace older utilities. Underground utilities (water, sewers, gas, power communications etc.) are what separate us from the 3rd world. Without clean drinking water and sewage disposal we would have lifespans of 40+ years.

Various studies have shown that Trenchless construction methods are 25 to 60% cheaper than conventional open cut methods.

PW Trenchless Construction is featured on the cover and a 4 page article on the large diameter Pipe burst in North Vancouver near Pemberton Street.
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Introducing the New and Improved NASTT - BC Carbon Calculator...

Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions is smart business, good for the environment - and soon to be legislated.

It is critical to replace aging infrastructure while minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. The construction industry will soon find its allowable emissions to be strictly regulated with the emergence of new legislation. Trenchless technology can drastically reduce GHG emissions compared to open cut excavations (90% on average) and provide significant cost savings (25-50%) and minimize disruptions to local traffic and businesses

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The Cover is one of PW Trenchless Construction LTD.projects with a complete report on the project complete with photos.
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PW Trenchless Construction has been active in writing and researching articles for various construction magazines. Trenchless Technology Magazine and Website offer a large amount of info on all trenchless technology.

PW Trenchless has been a leader in promoting the link between the use of trenchless construction and a low Carbon footprint. We developed a carbon calculator  to allow designers to compare the various types of utility construction and the carbon impacts of those methods. We are now in the final stages of having a protocol accepted by the government of British Columbia to allow carbon offsets from a cities trenchless program. This will be a world first. 
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We are active in the promotion of trenchless technology in that our president, Mr. David O'Sullivan, is a director of the NASTT-BC, the present Trenchless Technology group in B.C. and we actively support their efforts at education.

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