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In November of 2014 PW Trenchless  replaced a 10” (250mm)PVC pipe in Maple Ridge with a new 20” (500mm)HDPE pipe using “Pipe Bursting” technology. 440 m of pipe was to be rehabilitated and upsized and due to the traffic and the location of a row or power/telephone poles, pipe bursting was the best choice. It saved the municipality more the 20% over open cut construction and was completed in under 4 weeks.


With the job being broken into 4 parts, 5 pits are dug with 3 of them being used twice as either an exit pit for one burst and an entrance pit for another or once as the exit pit for two bursts. This is often determined by the available staging area for the new HDPE pipe during the Burst.


The 440m of pipe was installed via 4 pipe bursts and the service connections were limited due to the size of the properties. The excavation of the entrance pits, exit pits and service connection pits required approximately 70 truckloads of material to be removed and the same number of truckloads of clean infill to be brought in.

By using Trenchless Technology in this case there is a savings of approximately 600  truckloads of material being transported away and a corresponding amount of clean infill being trucked in.