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  During the Spring of 2017 PW Trenchless Construction Ltd. started work on replacing a 375mm PVC sewer main via pipebursting that ran through part of Kanaka Creek park in the city of Maple Ridge. Upon consultation with the City and PW Trenchless, Arborists marked out which trees would be removed to allow for the Entrance and Exit pits.


   Although the existing 375mm PVC pipe is not that old, it was installed via open cut methods and the trees have grown very large over the years. Replacing the pipe to a larger diameter via open cut methods would be disastrous to the existing green space and due to the depth, it would require a large amount of material to be removed from the site.


  The Western end of the project is close to Kanaka Creek so all means possible to protect the waterways were utilized.  The Installed pipe was of two sizes, a minimum inside diameter of at least 600mm and the two most Western sections be at least 750mm id. This means two bursts where the upsize from 375mm PVC to 1200mm HDPE pipe had to be installed via pipebursting. The longest burst was 118m and the shortest was 97m.


  The spring of 2017 had a large amount of rain so the water level was extremely high on the Kanaka Creek as it met the Fraser River less than 100m away from the Western most and lowest manhole, TS 15. The Upper sections were installed first leaving the bursts closer to Kanaka Creek for late July, hoping for lower water levels.  The project was completed within 5 months