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How P.W. Trenchless is providing Innovative Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Surrey B.C?




Trenchless pipe replacement is rising in popularity as businesses and industries are recognizing that replacing pipes using environmentally friendly and cost effective methods before more costly replacements and repairs are required is the way to cut costs and be proactive when it comes to infrastructure maintenance. Canadian Business Executive featured P.W. Trenchless for their trenchless pipe replacement to highlight the benefits of using this innovative service.




The Benefits of Trenchless Construction


1. Cost Effective


Trenchless construction offers a less invasive and less expensive alternative to traditional utilities work. In Vancouver alone there is approximately $50 billion worth of piping infrastructure. Replacing all of that in 100 years would cost $.5 billion per year. Trenchless construction is proactive and saves costs in the long term by assuring that broken pipes do not cause more costly damages in the future.


2. Environmentally Friendly


With trenchless methods, crews are not digging as much as with traditional infrastructure construction. A pipe is typically the diameter of cup, and about eight or ten feet in the ground. Traditional construction removes 100 times more dirt than is necessary. Trenchless allows more it:


• Eliminates asphalt work


• Prevents traffic interruptions


• Requires less fuel usage


• Releases lower carbon emissions.


Cities in British Columbia have to meet carbon neutral goals. If the city can lower their construction’s carbon footprint, that could translate into carbon credits against day to day operations. This could result in the city gaining access to certain grants from the province.


3. Innovative Technology


Trenchless construction uses a number of methods that are innovative in the industry. Recent projects include the rehabilitation of several culverts under highways throughout the region. The benefit of culverts is that they provide flexibility. When a highway is built, cities expect settlement over the years and don’t want the pipes falling apart. However, the steel will eventually corrode, not completely but in parts depending on ground conditions. If a highway department comes to a trenchless construction company and says they have a problem with the culverts and they want to know what can be done to fix it, trenchless construction uses innovative solutions. In this case one example is slip-lining, which means the company literally slipped lining into the existing pipe. That will renew the culvert for another 50 to 70 years without having to dig up the road.






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