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P.W. Trenchless Ltd. Announces Feature in Canadian Business Executive for Trenchless Pipe Repair


November 22 2013- Surrey, BC P.W. Trenchless Ltd. has announced that they have been featured in Canadian Business Executive for the environmental and cost effective benefits of trenchless pipe repair in addition to the innovative technology  that the company is bringing to the industry.


P.W. Trenchless Construction allows customers to keep trees, retaining walls, patios, and in some cases entire buildings untouched. The company has been in business since 2000 and has one of the most experienced trenchless pipe repair resumes in the province of British Columbia, because of its high quality service.

Trenchless construction methods have been around since at least the 1930 but are only rising in popularity. As financial and environmental concerns have been featured more prominently, trenchless construction offers a less invasive and less expensive alternative to traditional utilities work. The founder of P.W. Trenchless David O’Sullivan was quoted in Canadian Business Executive, "In metro Vancouver, for example, there is about $50 billion worth of piping infrastructure," O'Sullivan elaborates. "If you were to replace all of that in a 100-year cycle that would be $.5 billion per year to replace everything. Most cities don’t do a quarter of that which makes a deficit in infrastructure rehabilitation. When a bridge collapses, it is more in your face, but you have water main breaks and sewer collapses daily throughout North America. That is reactive maintenance, as opposed to proactive maintenance. If you go in to get your car serviced every 20,000 kilometers, you pay $100 each time. If you don't do it, the transmission blows you spend $3,000. It is the same with infrastructure."


P.W. Trenchless Ltd. is encourages clients to read their feature in Canadian Business Executive regarding trenchless pipe repair. The company can be contacted directly with questions and comments.


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