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The Earliest Trenchless technology was tunneling but pipe jacking has been used since the 1890's. Used under railroads, cast iron pipe was installed with the use hydraulic jacks. In the 1930 reinforced concrete pie with sizes up to 72 was installed via pipe jacking.

Technology from the oil fields was used to successfully install electrical utility cables during the late 1940's. Development of a machine with a wet boring device using hollow stem drill rods with a cutting head rotated by a oil drill rig.


The 1960's saw a new surge in trenchless technology as an effort was made to service all communities with utilities. By the 1980's many of these utilities were under sized and needed to be upsized and/or rehabilitated. Rehabilitating existing lines saw a surge in the 1970's and in most cases it decreased the capacity of the line. Internal spot repairs were developed to look after local problems. Pipe Bursting, a method of destroying the existing pipe while pulling through a newer and possibly large pipe was developed and used extensively. British Gas was one of the pioneers of this technology to service many older gas lines.


Micro tunneling was developed in the early 1970's and is similar to the system used to build the tunnel between France and England.


The mid 1980's saw steerable horizontal drilling and it's use at crossing under rivers and then in the 1990's used to install sewer mains on grade.


By Constant improvement and research many of these technologies are being utilised in many parts of the world, and are a huge step forward in the installation of utilities with the minimal disruption to the local community.