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PipeBursting Methods


PipeBursting is a method of replacing existing pipe by sending an
vairpowered(pneumatic) missile shaped "Jackhammer" to break up the existing pipe.Bolted onto the back of this tool is HDPE pipe. HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a strongflexible pipe that is similar to the pipe used by Gas Utility Companies.

A Heavy Duty winch has a cable attached to the front end of the Tool and it guides it along the existing or "host" pipe.



See Diagram below.


 Pipe bursting involves a couple of tools working together to burst a pipe. First is the pipeburster. A pneumatic (air powered) tool that is attached to the end of a new HDPE pipe(high density polyethylene). This new pipe has an air hose pulled throughout its length with one end attaching to the pipeburster and the other end going to the compressor. The pipeburster is basically a huge jackhammer.


The "host" pipe or the existing pipe in the ground has a winch cable pulled through it and that is attached to the end of the pipeburster. The cable goes through a couple of pulleys in the pulley mast and when the winch is turned on it provides a steady even pulling force that ensures the pipeburst stays on course through the "host" pipe.


The existing "host" pipe is destroyed and the small pieces get pushed into the surrounding ground. This is particularly advantageous with Asbestos pipe as very little of it is removed and has to be processed.


Static Pipe Bursting


Similar to Pneumatic bursting this method uses a heavy cable and a powerful hydraulic winch that burst the pipe one short stroke at a time.