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New Westminster near Moody park on Nanaimo Street. 150m in one day with all service laterals repaired. Care was taken as a cast iron watermani was extrmely close to the Sewer main and a gas line also criss crossed the job.

The first section of three Pipe bursts done to renew a corrugated steel storm sewer that was rotting and clogged with debris. At the foot of Pemberton Street in North Vancouver.
The large structures to the west of the line to be replaced made pipe bursting the only viable option. Relief pits were dug at regular intervals to allow for Hydro-vacing of the material that was clogging the host pipe.

The second section of three Pipe bursts done to renew a corrugated steel storm sewer that was rotting and clogged with debris.

During King George's trip to Canada in 30's, he planted trees along the newly built King George Highway in South Surrey. An existing 18" (450mm) pvc needed to be enlarged to handle the new higher flows. Pipebursting was used to minimize the damage to the root structure of the trees planted by King George.

The new 28" (700mm) HDPE pipe was .installed.


Increasing the existing 8" (200mm) PVC pipe to a 18" (450mm) diameter pipe via Pipebursting was done quickly and with limited excavation and removal of asphalt etc. The process also saved $250,000 over the cost of traditional Open cut methods.
This project was done in Sept 2013 in South Surrey near the Morgan Creek Golf course.

Trees Planted by King George in the 30's to commemorate the the completion of the King George Highway needed to be protected. The existing sewer main needed to be increased from 450mm to 700mm so  Pipebursting was used. PW Trenchless was able to do the job with a large cost savings over traditional open cut pipe construction.


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PW Trenchless Construction upsizes an existing 8" (200mm) PVC sewer main to a 18" (450mm) using pipebursting

PW Trenchless - PipeBursting in Maple Ridge the fall of 2012 using the Hydraulic static system



PW Trenchless New Westmister Fall 2012

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