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Founded in January 2000, PW Trenchless continues to grow and lead the Trenchless Underground Utilities Construction sector in British Columbia.

From the first 100mm service laterals in New Westminster and a cast iron water main in Delta in 2000, P.W. Trenchless Construction has emerged to be the industry leader in Pipe Bursting, Sliplining and Culvert Rehabilitation.

Long before the formation of PW Trenchless Construction Ltd, our current experts, employed at that time by P. Baratta Construction, were the first to perform many of the new Trenchless methodologies which we utilize today. Our experts were the first to perform Microtunneling in B.C. in 1996, on Clark Drive in Vancouver. We were the first to install an extensive sanitary sewer system, consisting of 4500 meters by Directional Drilling at flat grades, from 1994 to 1996, in Queensborough for the City of New Westminster. And, we were the first to install a large diameter sewer (36″ diameter) in 1999, using HDD on a flat grade, in Surrey for Metro Vancouver.

Trenchless construction is a term used to describe various methods used to install new, or replace older utilities. The provision of underground utilities, such as water, sewers, gas, and power communications, are what separate us from the Third World. Without clean drinking water and sewage disposal, we would have lifespans of only 40 years! In addition to these life enhancing benefits for the inhabitants in the area, Trenchless methods are far less expensive than conventional Open Cut methods, and have a much lower impact on the environment.

Multiple studies have shown that Trenchless Construction is 25 to 60% cheaper than conventional Open Cut construction and releases about 10/20% of the carbon emissions when compared to traditional open cut construction methods. Our passion for this issue has lead to our creation of the Carbon Calculator – a scientific method for cities to gain carbon offsets/credits from their use of trenchless construction. This tool was approved by the Province of BC, in December of 2018, and we anticipate its widespread adoption.

For a deep dive into the tool components, visit our Carbon Calculator.

The more we engage in the application of Trenchless Technologies, the more we discover that there is a lack of knowledge among both owners and consultant engineers in British Columbia. While arthroscopic or keyhole surgery (inserting an endoscope into the joint through a small incision in order to minimize tissue damage) is taught in medical school, Trenchless construction methods are not taught in the engineering departments of BC’s universities or colleges. To address that need, PW Trenchless has taken a leadership role in the province by delivering a comprehensive series of information sessions for many years.

PWT President and visionary, David O’Sullivan continues to present at stakeholder venues on all the methods of Trenchless technology. The “Lunch & Learn” series is one example of O’Sullivan’s commitment to spreading the word about Trenchless construction locally. In these workshops, O’Sullivan works with the North American Society of Trenchless Technology B C chapter to provide an overview of each of the various disciplines being used in B.C., and an introduction to the various contractors available. The purpose of these presentations is not to teach methodology. The goal is to inform attendees what is available in BC and in what direction to look when faced with a problem. O’Sullivan encourages interested parties to take proper CEU certified courses in the various disciplines so they may move forward in these important fields.

PWT delivers the message of trenchless technology to larger audiences both locally and across North America. See abstracts of PWT conference presentations and published papers in The Science tab of this website. 

Please contact the office for further information, and we will be delighted to present to your staff.

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When you join PWT, you become part of a community of people who are engaged in the most innovative practices in the Trenchless Industry. We have been instrumental in setting up a scientific method for cities to gain carbon offsets/credits from their use of trenchless construction. This system has been reviewed by the BC Government and has been approved as of December 2018. We expect to see it in common use shortly.