Why Join Our Team?

Because we care

We care about our employees by…

Protecting our crews through the highest possible Safety Standards, and making every employee accountable for the safety process.

Providing quality mentorship and training  opportunities.

Respecting our staff, clients and public as we would respect ourselves.

Fostering good communication skills and praising valued behaviours.

Embracing cultural diversity. We are proud that our employees come from around the globe.

Inviting all of our employees to come forward each month and present new ideas on how to improve some aspect of P W T. We welcome great ideas, and we recognize innovative and “off the wall” suggestions with small gifts each month.

Communicating in our newsletter each month, with lots of fun company highlights, such as who did what this month, births, birthdays, great ideas, and an announcement of the person of the month.

Encouraging all of our staff at PWT to excel at their jobs with a positive attitude . We enjoy awarding a person (or persons) of the month with a great gift for themselves and their significant other.

Rewarding each employee through a generous profit-sharing program.

Celebrating together. Each quarter we have a fun and friendly company BBQ, so we can get to know the crews and socialize with new friends.

Including everyone. If the year is profitable (all but one in 19 years!), every employee and their significant others are invited to attend our awesome “Late Christmas Party” get away, each year, to celebrate.

We care about Management Practices

PWT is a “Traction” managed company because we take best management practices seriously.

About 8 years ago, we adopted a management philosophy by Gino Wickman, called TRACTION and never looked back . Following his principles, step by step, we implemented this game-changing program fully into the company over three years. Now it helps us to define and hold accountable all the staff, it gives the company clear goals, and it defines attainable goals for each and every employee.

In adherence to the Traction philosophy, we have structured meetings on a weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis to manage the operations of the company, and to engage in short term and long term planning.

Ultimately, this management process helps us reach our goals, through a collective vision, making PWT a great place to work!

To learn more about Traction Principles 

We care about Sustainability

…by driving Science and Innovation

When you join PWT, you become part of a community of people who are engaged in the most innovative and sustainable practices in the Trenchless Industry.

These are some of the ways that we are at the forefront of technology:

  • We have been instrumental in setting up a scientific method for cities to gain carbon offsets/credits from their use of trenchless construction. This system has been reviewed by the Province of BC as of December 2018 and we expect to see it in common use in BC in 2019.
  • We run and fund Research and Development programs in eccentric reducers for culverts and culvert rehabilitation systems.
  • We are currently funding a program on culvert repair using various grouting systems.
  • We are always running programs to advance the technology of pipe bursting.
  • We have been involved in the use of ground freezing for utility installation.
  • To learn more about PWT’s passion for science click here.

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