Core Values

Company Committment

Client & employee satisfaction are our top priority.


The art of constant improvement, pushing back the boundaries of the accepted industry limitations of trenchless construction

Pride in Work

Completing the job to the best of our ability, especially when it is covered in dirt.

Positive Attitude

Influencing the energy, attitude & spirit of those around.

Team Player

Advancing together where everyone’s role is recognized and valued.

Our Core Values are exemplified by each one of our employees and collectively personified by our company. They are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable and the measure to which we gauge the successful integration of new team members.

Our Core Focus

Our Passion

To be the preferred company by the majority of clients.

Our Niche

Innovation solutions for underground utilities.

The working combination of our Core Values & Core Focus has allowed PW Trenchless to cultivate 3 Uniques that are unrivaled by any other contractor in British Columbia:


  1. Innovative Solutions By Proven Expertise
  2. A Quantifiable Environmental Impact Carbon Calculator
  3. Proven Largest Range of Pipe Bursting & Sliplining Capability.

Join Our Team

When you join PWT, you become part of a community of people who are engaged in the most innovative practices in the Trenchless Industry. We have been instrumental in setting up a scientific method for cities to gain carbon offsets/credits from their use of trenchless construction. This system has been reviewed by the BC Government and has been approved as of December 2018. We expect to see it in common use shortly.

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