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In the 96th Avenue and 128th Street neighbourhood of Surrey, B.C. a 6"/15mm pipe installed when the subdivision had been built needed to be repaired. The pipe was in an easement, but the trees, structures and landscaping all proved to make a trenchless solution the only practical method.

The odd alignment of the existing pipe and the two Inspection chambers in line necessitated a larger amount of excavation at the exit pit, but it was easily shored. The smaller tugger unit was used and it proved up to the task of installing 6"/150mm H.D.P.E.pipe.



The entrance pit was extremely tight as there was a tree and structure impeding the excavation. When the new H.D.P.E.pipe was inserted in the entrance pit it was necessary to manhandle the pipe into place. The flexibility and size of the H.D.P.E.pipe made this possible.

There was a long area on the street a few houses away that allowed the pipe to be fused and laid out for a duration without blocking a driveway...a rarity in many neighbourhoods.

The actual bursting took a very short period of time and then the technicians made the connections to the existing 6"/150mm pipe on the higher end and the connection to the sewer main on the North end of the project.